News: Guns, Good, Evil, and The Elite

Published by: on Friday July 27th, 2012

I was raised with guns. My Dad was a veteran and a cop. He made it through his entire career without ever firing his weapon. He was also an award winning marksman who believed in training and safety. He drilled that into all of us kids, and everyone else that he mentored. Dad not only taught us how to shoot, he also taught us right from wrong and the difference between good and evil.

Back then things were different. We had archery in gym class, rifle marksmanship at camp, and hunter safety courses in seventh grade. In college, most of my friends in the dorms had not one, but two guns: a shotgun for duck hunting and their deer rifle. Technically, we were supposed to keep all weapons with Campus Security at the armory, but most students just kept them in their closets or truck boxes so that they could hunt at dawn and be back in time for class.

This was the culture that I, and hundreds of millions of Americans, grew up in. We weren’t activists, gun nuts or what the MSM has now come to label as the “gun” culture.

We were the “American” culture. Hunting and target shooting were good things.

Now things are different. We still use guns on the ranch to protect our children from rattlesnakes, to butcher livestock, to hunt and if need be, defend our homes when law enforcement can be over an hour away. However, kids aren’t taught marksmanship in grade school anymore.  Guns are banned on college campuses.

I am going to go out on a limb here, but I would hazard to guess that most of the violent gun crimes committed by urban gangs and drug cartels are perpetrated by people that never took a hunter safety class in their life.

Our culture has changed.

I think that it is worth noting that so many of the powerful media and political voices that are demanding stricter gun control, are also the same ones that want God taken out of our schools and civic lives. They want to take away personal accountability, responsibility and turn everyone into victims. They are also the same folks that do not believe in evil.

I have peers and friends in Hollywood, that are so conditioned in tolerance, that they cannot even bring themselves to admit that the Holocaust was evil.

What happened in Aurora was evil. Pure and simple.  A really bad guy with guns killed too many innocent people. But what if, for the sake of argument, the culture that I grew up in was  more prevalent today?

Would it have been too judgmental if one of Holmes’ peers or educators said, “That boy ain’t right, maybe we should get him some help?”

The City of Aurora does not allow CCW permit holders to carry within city limits?

What if there would have been a good guy (or woman) with a gun in that theatre? As a police officer, my father carried his weapon everywhere when he was off duty.

He would not have stood down while people died. I don’t believe any good, legally armed Americans would have.

Thursday evening, in a Salt Lake City Smith’s Marketplace, a shopper, Kiet Thanh Ly, 34, bought a knife, stepped out into the parking lot and began to stab people. He seriously wounded two people before a citizen with a gun pulled his weapon on the attacker and demanded that Ly drop his weapon or be shot.

Guess what? Ly dropped his weapon and was subdued by people at Smiths until the police arrived.

Last Friday night I watched a news piece of the shooting on CBS News. Every good news story needs to answer the 5 W’s: What, When, Where, Why and Who. I still wanted to know more about the Why and the Who when CBS then went into a long anti gun piece with Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  I understand why they did that, but after awhile I felt like I was no longer watching the news. The program seemed to have turned into an anti gun infomercial.

I grew up with CBS as a powerhouse for unbiased reporting. Surely they would also do a piece on folks with opinions different from Mayor Bloomberg? CCW firearms instructors?

Law Enforcement Self Defense teachers? Someone who  had survived a similar Smith’s experience? Anyone? Bueller?

If they did, I didn’t see it.

I am not asking CBS News to stop doing anti gun pieces.  I would much appreciate it if they could do an in depth series on the war against the American culture that I grew up with, and the increase in violence in our society.