Politics: Gun Control Done Right - It's called Aim and Shoot!

Published by: on Friday July 27th, 2012

Illicit narcotics, child pornography and Cuban cigars—All are illegal to possess and all of them are acquired by people in this country every day. So what’s my point? The point is that creating a bunch of new-laws that ban ammunition or the guns themselves, will only keep law abiding citizens from possessing them--NOT the criminals.

Case in point--murder is a crime, punishable by death and that didn’t stop Mr. Holmes from committing the crime of murder.  Do the gun-control folks really believe this man would have not committed this crime if the guns he had were illegal? Do we really think Holmes’ thought process would have been like this “I’m willing to kill dozens of people, including a six year-old little girl and go to jail for the rest of my life, but OMG!! I am just not willing to break the law to get the guns.”


Does Congress or our President honestly believe that if the guns or ammo he used were illegal to possess that would have stopped him from killing 12 and wounding another 59 innocent people?

Conveying that kind of thinking is insulting to anyone with half a brain! It’s foolish to think any more gun-control is going to have the effect that they want.

But you know what would have the desired effect on the Colorado massacre? If Mr. Holmes wasn’t the ONLY guy in that theater with a loaded weapon—that my dear friends would have re-wrote this story and it would have a radically different ending. In fact, there would be more people living and breathing today, and my guess is that Mr. Holmes wouldn’t be one of them.

Holmes (the bad guy) brought three loaded guns into that theater  last week, can you imagine if there would have been three more loaded guns in the hands of the innocent (the good guys) in that room? I would have bought the ticket to see that show, folks. I can only imagine that if those two Iraqi war Vets would have been packing heat, there would have been a radically different outcome to this story and there is no doubt in my mind that we would be talking about how Holmes died, instead of how the Vets died.

To my liberal friends, (and I have a lot of them) more people are killed each year in this country from cars in the hands of intoxicated drivers than from guns in the hands of bad people. Wake-up!! Gun control is only going to take guns out of the people’s hands that abide by the law. Criminals don’t care about your laws!

What we need are MORE of the good-guys in control of the guns and that, my friends, will have the desired effect on the bad guys…

Holmes did not go to the local gun-range or a police station that night or anywhere else where the potential victims would have guns—He went to a venue where the likelihood of anyone else packing a gun was slim to none. He’s not that damn crazy!! (something for the defense lawyers) He’s not crazy; he’s a coward, just like the cowards before him, the two kids from Colombine High School, Timothy McVeigh, Jared Laughner, etc. 

This guy shouldn't have had any kind of weapons or bombs or any other of the devices he had. (BTW it was illegal for him to have many of those things already) But he had them.

New laws are not going to make the bad people stop doing bad things. Cowards like this deliberately pick defenseless targets. Let them run-up on a loaded gun pointed in their face and see if that doesn’t change things—I promise you it will.