Politics: God is, or God isn't . . . the Democrats can't decide

Published by: Herman Cain on Thursday September 6th, 2012

Herman Cain

By HERMAN CAIN – Are Democrats for God or against Him? Don’t try to guess by a voice vote!

If you’re not sure if you want to embrace God or not, then I’m thinking you probably don’t. But one thing was abundantly clear from the Democrats’ embarrassing “God language” spectacle last night – they can’t get their story straight.

Feeling the pressure to make a last-minute change to their platform after people started noticing they had left God out for the first time in forever, Democrats had to follow the procedure of amending the platform in a voice vote, right there on the convention floor. Or did they?

Three voice votes. Each time, the anti-God forces clearly outnumbered the pro-God forces. After the third, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa not only declared the measure passed, but passed by a two-thirds majority!


Look, I know there are some Democrats who love God and are devoted to Him. And I’m willing to accept that some who opposed the measure just don’t like God’s name being used for political purposes.

But clearly, the prevailing culture of the Democratic Party is not very God-friendly. How could it be after two straight nights celebrating abortion as the greatest thing that can ever happen to anyone?

When I wrote about this yesterday, I noted how defensive Sen. Dick Durbin was when asked about God’s absence from the platform on Fox News. The truth is far too many Democrats are very uncomfortable talking about God, or being asked about God. They may not have made an intentional decision to leave God’s name out of the platform. They just never thought about putting Him in, because they don’t think about Him very much as a matter of course. Some do, without a doubt. But I believe they are in the minority in the Democratic Party. That’s why they were caught so off-guard, and were so defensive, when people started noticing it.

As for Villaraigosa’s decision to pretend he heard a two-things vote in favor of adding God to the platform, when there clearly wasn’t even a majority in favor of doing so, I guess that just goes to show it’s uncomfortable in the spotlight for Democrats when they’re forced to reveal who they really are.