Immigration: For Wednesday, July 4th

Published by: on Wednesday November 30th, -0001

I am a very patriotic person. I love this country. Every time I am in a taxi that is driven by a driver with a heavy accent I usually ask what his or her accent is. The reply usually tells me what country they originated from. What I find truly amazing are the stories I hear from people who come to make America their home.

One driver who came to this country from Somalia ten years ago said that he found it incredibly sad that so many Americans don't seem to realize how wonderful our country is.

He said he drives people every day who grumble about the problems we have here. He talked about how so many countries in Africa have governments that are brutal--countries that interfere or otherwise control their people. "But in America," he said, "Americans are free to dream. In this country, people can achieve anything they dream—and that's why I wanted to come here." For my driver, his dream was to take care of his family still in Africa and he said that he was doing just that.

"I love America," he said, "it is truly the land of opportunity and now it is my country, too." His statement unexpectedly brought tears to my eyes.

This Independence Day I will be praying for my brothers and sisters—all Americans who take the blessings, our many freedoms and all that we have for granted. I'll be praying for those who have fought and made the greatest sacrifice to save it--and I'll be praying for a change in hearts of those who seek to destroy it.

Have a blessed Independence Day—in Christ.