Cain's Daily Commentary: Energy

Published by: Herman Cain on Thursday August 9th, 2012

Herman Cain

They think we are stupid about energy!

Maybe that’s why they expect us to keep paying close to $4 a gallon for gasoline, since surely we’re not intelligent enough to figure out that it’s completely unnecessary.

America’s continued dependence on oil from countries who are hostile to us – whether those in the Middle East or thugs like Hugo Chavez in Venezuela – is insane and completely unnecessary. Energy independence is within our grasp right now! Between known oil reserves we can drill right now, oil shale that will require some work but has tremendous promise, and coal and natural gas resources that are the greatest on Earth – the only thing that can stop us from being energy independent is a lack of political will.

Unfortunately, that is what we’re dealing with. The Obama Administration would rather put taxpayer money into so-called green energy companies that are nowhere near viability, and can’t explain why so many of them have gone bankrupt in spite of the taxpayer assistance.

I’ll tell you why! It’s because a politician can’t decide when a technology is viable. I have no problem with any form of alternative energy – the more forms of energy, the merrier. But let the private sector invest its own dollars in their development, and decide when they can work, or when they’ve shown themselves not to be viable. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars on these ripoffs!

And in the meantime, unleash the resources we already know we have, and that we already know will work – oil, coal and natural gas! Then make a priority of shale development, and stand back and watch as the economy and job creation explode. This is not even hard. It just takes the will. I don’t know about the political class, but the rest of us are not stupid! I’m Herman Cain.