Politics: End of the Road

Published by: on Thursday August 2nd, 2012

End of the Road(The Interpretation)

The impending global meltdown begins and ends on the yellow brick road at
the corner of Wall St. and Greed.

The euro, dollar, peso and yen quit bearing fruit after their own kind; and, man made paper fades in the shadow of a scarecrow sun.

Doom and gloom "four-corner" counterfeit corn in a field of genetically
modified blame, ripe for one last harvest, as the gold trader arrives at
the brink of his abyss.

Manna is the only remaining miracle. All other commodities have unloaded
their weapons, and safety off, are all out of magic bullets. At the end of
the day, at the end of the prayer, at the end of the road there is only
you, hands elbow-deep in empty pockets, in search of a raven...and God.