Politics: Democrat Senator accused of hiring prostitutes in Dominican Republic

Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday November 1st, 2012

Robert Laurie

By ROBERT LAURIE - Bob Menendez embroiled in an election year sex scandal

Here's a bit of free advice for government officials who intend to hire prostitutes in foreign countries: pay them. You might be sleazy, you might be completely amoral, but you don't have to be a (pun intended) skinflint.  When you promise a hooker $500.00, do yourself a favor and give her $500.00. Don't stiff her. (Again, pun intended.)

The latest political luminary to learn this lesson is New Jersey democrat, Senator Bob Menendez.  According to a report from The Daily Caller, two prostitutes have come forward claiming that Menendez promised the duo a thousand dollars for their services, but ended up paying them only a hundred bucks each.

"He lies,” one of the women said, claiming Menendez "says one thing and does another."

She may have a point.  Here’s a video of the Senator explaining why people who “represent The United States of America” should be fired for hiring call girls.

One of the women also charged that Menendez "was nice at first, but then later he did not seem to care about her."  This is an odd complaint, considering it's basically the entire reason her career exists. We’re not talking about Julia Roberts and Richard Gere here. Caring, long-term, relationships aren’t normally part of the prostitute job description.

On a more serious note, Menendez is currently running for re-election. If Romney is elected, Republican hopes of repealing of Obamacare hang on their ability to reclaim a few Senate seats.  By calling for the firing or resignation of government officials who engage in this kind of behavior, while engaging in it himself, Menendez has handed the GOP a massive pre-election gift. 

No one would expect Menendez to step down this close to Election Day.  There's not a politician on Earth with that kind of integrity. However, the ads practically write themselves.

Whether or not it will be enough to overcome Menendez's 15 point lead is debatable, but this kind of hubris can be deeply damaging.

Time will tell.