Politics: Comparing media to vultures is unfair . . . to the vultures

Published by: on Thursday August 30th, 2012

By KATHY HOEKSTRA - At least vultures, unlike the media, only pick on prey that are already dead.


I have spent many years as a member of the media. This means in front of the camera, holding the microphone and in the case of news events, part of a so-called media scrum whereby a person deemed to be worthy of an interview is instantly swarmed by any media within a 50 yard radius.

Now I work on the other side of this publicity phenomenon and it has never been more clear to me than this week at the Republican National Convention in Tampa how akin to vultures the media really appear:

Life with the vulture media

Now let's compare:

Life with the vulture media

One could argue the media and vultures have similar goals: Find an unsuspecting creature, unceremoniously pluck at all the meat from the bones of the creature until it is bare bone then fly away in search of the next big 'get'. Both get some form of nourishment

There are a couple of big differences, however.

The vultures seek out creatures that are already dead, and they leave behind only a pile of bones.

A frenzied feeding of Herman Cain soundbites leaves the media with an often spicy collection of common sense, inspired insight and thoughtful commentary. Such a "feeding" also ensures there is a greater chance Cain's message will hit the airwaves, print or internet.

Another big difference, the media always comes back for more.