Politics: Can someone help Chris Matthews with his race problem?

Published by: Herman Cain on Wednesday August 29th, 2012

Herman Cain

By HERMAN CAIN - How come food stamps and welfare make Chris Matthews think of black people?

My friend Newt Gingrich did Chris Matthews of MSNBC a favor by going on his show Monday night. Since it was a slow news night, Matthews fell back on the usual left-wing boilerplate that claims everything Republicans say is some sort of secret racist code.

Talk about the destructive impact of welfare dependency? That’s racist! Talk about the record numbers of Americans on food stamps? That’s racist! So says Chris Matthews, because whether you say it or not, everyone knows you’re talking about black people.

Newt was having none of it, and that’s why I love Newt. He is not intimidated by a guy who hears racism even when there is none, and takes to the airwaves accusing anyone and everyone of perpetrating it.

But I’d like to say something as well to Chris Matthews, and to every other liberal who plays this game: You know whose thinking is racist? Yours!

Why is it that whenever you hear someone talk about welfare cheats, you think about black people? Why is that whenever you hear about food stamp dependency, you think about black people? What is wrong with you? No one said anything about race. We’re talking about the destructiveness of nearly 50 years of social and economic policy that have failed to solve poverty and have left people living in squalor. We’re trying to have a serious discussion about fixing this nation’s problems.

The only reason you hear racial innuendo is that you’re obsessed with race. The only reason you think there’s a dog whistle is that you chase after racial controversy like a dog chases after a ball. Chris, and friends, get help to get over your racism! You’re the ones with the problem.