Cain's Daily Commentary: Cain off the Chain

Published by: Herman Cain on Wednesday June 27th, 2012

Herman Cain


During my presidential campaign I was often referred to in the media as the unconventional candidate. When I would ask people why, they would say it was because I actually answered questions directly instead of in political speak. And, I offered bold solutions to the many critical problems our nation faced.

What is CainTV?

CainTV is a bold solution to the rampant ignorance being thrust upon the people of this nation by lazy and blatantly biased news media outlets. Not all media reporters are lazy, but too many of them will not verify deceptive or misleading facts being claimed by one of their favorite liberal personalities.

For example, when the President tells the public that he is not a big spending president based solely on a bogus and dishonest analysis by an irreputable writer by the name of Rex Nutting, and the lame stream media outlets kept playing the lie over and over, then that's lazy, deceptive and biased.

The blame game.

When the national debt has increased over 50% during President Obama's  presidency and he still wants to blame Bush, and the mainstream media gives him a pass by not talking about it, that's playing the American people for fools.

Unfortunately, some people believe that just because they hear something in the news or the President said it then it must be true. Not true! That was at those rare times in history when professional journalists observed a code of ethics, and we had statesmen holding the office of president.

Mainstream media bias has been documented for decades by the Media Research Center founded and headed up by Brent Bozell. One visit to their site would open the eyes of even the most obstinate doubter of media bias.

CainTV is intended to have "something for ALL PEOPLE".

It is not our intent to try and cure all of America's ignorance and stupidity, but we offer a unique informative, inspiring and INtertaining alternative to the daily brain washing of the people.  INtertainment is entertainment which also informs.

Cain off the Chain

CainTV is not overtly political in nature, but it is covertly free market, limited government, and constitutional enforcement in its messages. If it makes you think and challenges your previous perceptions on a variety of topics, then we have achieved our mission, which is to "Save the Savable."

There is one warning as you explore CainTV.  "Watch out! you just might learn something."

Welcome to CainTV!