General: Biden's Happyland Fiction

Published by: Herman Cain on Monday August 27th, 2012

Herman Cain

BY HERMAN CAIN - Joe Biden doesn't even try to connect his happyland rhetoric to fact. He just makes stuff up.

I understand that politicians running for re-election are going to offer the glass-half-full perspective on things. That’s true regardless of party or circumstances. But it’s one thing to always look on the sunny side of life. It’s another thing to go around making statements that bear no conceivable relation to reality – which is what Vice President Biden has been doing in recent days.

Twice last week, Biden made statements about economic matters that would have amounted to great news if they were true. But they couldn’t even qualify as exaggerations. They were simply false. The Romney campaign quickly and rightly jumped all over them, but the statements really need a closer examination to demonstrate exactly how delusional Biden, and by extension Obama, are.

In Minneapolis on Tuesday, Biden had this to say about the middle class: “Folks, the middle class is coming back, they have been ravaged. They have been ravaged. But they are starting to come back.” Actually there is one part of the statement that is true. Those in the middle class have indeed been ravaged – by Obama’s economic policies. The Wall Street Journal broke it down on Saturday, reporting that middle class incomes have fallen an average of $4,019 per household since Obama took office. And since this is the part where Obama usually whines that he inherited a recession, let’s look at it from July 2009, when the recession officially ended. Since then, middle class incomes have still fallen an average of $2,544. 

By what measure, then, is the middle class “coming back”? By none. Job creation continues to lag behind the growth of the work force, and economic growth continues to meander along at less than 2 percent.

Biden simply made that statement up – a meaningless platitude that has no connection to fact and in no way reflects the true impact of Obama’s economic policies. It was pure fiction.

But it gets better. The next day, Biden was in Detroit. While acknowledging the obvious problems Detroit has faced in recent years, Biden then announced: “And guess what, Detroit is getting back up! Detroit is getting back up!”

The vice president should spend more time in Detroit, not that he would be helpful. The finances of City of Detroit are now being run by the state under a consent agreement between Republican Gov. Rick Snyder and the Detroit City Council, which had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the deal. Under its all-Democrat City Council and Democratic Mayor Dave Bing, the city failed to close a massive budget deficit and has run up debts of more than $10 billion. Just in the past 10 years, Detroit lost an astounding 25 percent of its population. Its adult illiteracy rate was pegged at 47 percent in a recent study.

It is true that the Big Three automakers have turned profits in recent quarters – likely the result of pent-up demand. But that has not translated to overall economic recovery for Detroit, nor for the surrounding region, which saw its unemployment rate jump from 9.2 percent to 10.2 percent in the second quarter of 2012.

So by what measure is Detroit “getting back up”? Only by the measure of Joe Biden’s imagination, which appears to be quite massive and exceedingly creative.

I suppose, when your policies have utterly failed and you have no plan to come up with better ones, it’s tough to devise with a re-election narrative based on truth. So perhaps your only option is to go around telling everyone they’re doing great, and to hope enough people are clueless about the reality of their own lives that you can ride this happyland fiction all the way to a second term.

I’d have more respect for Obama and Biden if they offered us something serious about how they’d propose to make things better. Even if I didn’t agree with their ideas, at least they’d be dealing in reality. But they have no ideas. And that begs the question: Why, exactly, are they asking the voters to give them another term in office? So they can go around and tell more people who are suffering under their policies that everything is fine and dandy?

Things are only going to get better in this country when these two hit the unemployment line.