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Published by: on Wednesday June 27th, 2012

Welcome to Audio Soufflé  on Cain TV!  While I’m no expert on music of any genre, I am a music fan and a musician.  I was raised in Memphis, Tennessee....the birthplace of Rock and Roll...the home of the Blues...you know the rest.   

I was raised by Ace (Lacy Ray) and Sylvia Harris.  We were your typical 60’s- 70’s American family...three channels of TV...Heehaw on Saturday nights and Happy Day’s on Tuesdays.  However, our family had a something that most families didn’t.  A connection. 

Dad worked at Madison Cadillac and was the “Cadillac Salesman” to Elvis Presley and later, a business partner to Vernon Presley (Elvis’ Dad).  That relation served as no financial benefit to us except at Christmas when the commissions were good thanks to the Presley sales. 

Mom was the matriarch of the family that instilled her Southern Baptist gospel roots into my older brother and sister, and reluctantly into myself.  Although I’m not Baptist today, the hymns that she taught me still have an influence on my musical interests and me today.  Honestly that influence had more to do with who I am today, both spiritually and musically, than any exposure to Elvis.  That’s the South I guess!

In my hometown, the Elvis connection wasn’t a big deal.  Everyone around here has their own “Elvis” story.  He was just another guy around town.   In my family...my Dad’s relationship to the “King” was somewhat of a pain in the ass...but that’s a different story.  Maybe I’ll blog about that later.  It was only years after Elvis’s death that I realized what a pioneer he was.  It’s a damn shame that I never realized that at an earlier age.  To this day, I’ve never been to Graceland and I live twenty minuets away.  Maybe I should go and blog about that too...

Being a child of this area, I learned to play the guitar at an early age.  If you’re from around here, the blues scales and three-chord rock and roll come to you before spelling in the second grade.  You just pick it up by listening to the “Old Blues Man” in front Allen’s Big Star.  Much to my mother’s objections, I played guitar around town at places like the Antenna Club with my band mates, The Diggs, as an under aged guitar player.  Somehow we were never asked for ID when we played or when we went to see great bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers in their infancy.  The Antenna was the CBGB of the south.  I guess that’s where my true influences were formed.  

That’s just a bit about my past and a brief introduction to my blog.  Like I said, I’m no expert...but I love to listen.  Over the next few months, I’ll rave about new and old stuff as well a lament about old and new stuff.  Let me know what you think.  Like I said....”I love to listen”!!!

Enough about me.  This is my first observation for CainTV.  Please talk to me!!!