Politics: America: An Idea

Published by: on Tuesday July 31st, 2012

It would be easy to quickly dive into an issue that is prevalent in the news, or examine a political battle that is taking place, but all of that would be for naught if we didn’t first understand who we are.  This is why I believe history, and in turn understanding the past, is so vitally important.  To me, America is not simply lines on a map that show us where our territory lies.  On a fundamental level, America is simply an idea.

Many may well have heard of the “America Experiment”.  Well, that experiment is still playing out in the 21st century.  This idea is the fact that man can rule himself.  For centuries, leaders have tried to control their subjects because the “knew what was best for them.”  It’s sad, but some of our very own leaders have proven through their statements that they proscribe to that same idea.  History has provided us with great leaders, but in America, that is no accident.  I believe that truly great leaders don’t make their people great, but are in fact produced by the greatness of the people.  I think this is a vital truth that must be realized by the American people before we can fully restore America.

Our founders knew this, and they made sure we would never forget it ourselves.  “We the People” is written in large, bold letters at the very beginning of our Constitution: This was no accident.  This was not included for mere artistic license, but as a reminder.  They knew that one day the American people would forget the sacrifices that were required to secure the freest republic the world had ever seen.  Well my friends, I believe that day is today.  We have forgotten.

We must take pause and remember what we have before us.  And we must fight to preserve the idea of America.  Political lines may change, but if that original spirit is lost, we lose America.  I have grown up in a free country with seemingly endless opportunities.  I may be young, but I want the America I love to be there for my children and grandchildren.  We must not forget.  Let’s try and remember, because people are counting on us.