Lifestyle: Above Average

Published by: on Friday August 10th, 2012

I am above average.  How do I know?  Well, I’ll tell you.  It occurred to me that the world is built for the average person.  It is difficult for those who do not share certain traits with the majority of the populace to get along because of this inclination.  For instance, the majority of people are right-handed, so being left-handed can be difficult.  Everything is made for right-handed people.  Lefties have to deal with things like scissors, desks and golf clubs that are made for people who are not like them.

Height and foot size are other problematic issues.  People who are considerably over six feet tall and those with feet larger than size 14 or so have some serious problems getting around.  Tall people are always having to duck, and it is hard to handle things like stairs and ladders when your feet are big.

Those who stand out in the crowd are often made to feel as if they are the problem.  It is clear that those of us who do stand out are made to feel uncomfortable and less worthy.  I have decided that while it is true we are not average, who is to say we are below average?  I have come to the conclusion that those of us who are different are actually above average.  There is no logical reason why this should not be true.

Now that we have established this fact, what should be done about it?  Every effort should be made to make the lives of the above average person as easy as possible.

So much of what the handicapped or disabled person has to endure is the result of those who believe that those who are not average are, somehow, not worthy of a little extra effort.  It really doesn’t take that much extra time or work to level the playing field.  It is a shame the world of the average doesn’t make it average to do so.  The world would be a much better place.  After all, just because you are not handicapped today doesn’t mean you won’t be tomorrow.