Politics: About that 'I'd be leading Obama' comment from Herman Cain

Published by: on Friday September 21st, 2012

By KATHY HOEKSTRA - Pardon the boss for believing in himself . . . oh, and consider what else he said.

By now, most of the nation has seen the headline run by the Gainesville Sun referencing Herman Cain's speech Thursday night at the University of Florida: "Cain says he'd be leading Obama if he were nominee". While the article goes on to respectfully re-cap the more important messages of his speech, it's the headline that's gained traction by such media outlets as CNN and Yahoo News.

A few of these outlets have already asked me about the "leading Obama" remark, which leads me to a few thoughts.

One: They are journalists. If they can dig up irrefutable evidence that Cain would not be leading Obama, I'd like to see it.

Two (and much more seriously): Consider the context in which Cain would even make such a statement in the first place. He ran for president of the United States of America. He brought bold, new ideas to the national forefront. (9-9-9, anyone?) Obviously you do not do this unless you truly believe you can win. And lest anyone think Cain's words are a slight on Mitt Romney, simply take a look at all Cain has done on Romney's behalf since Romney became the Republican nominee for president.

Let's take it even farther. Here is a 66-year-old man who survived not only a grueling-turned-nasty run for president, but stage-4 cancer. Now, along with the Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus and their newly formed Job Creators Solutions, he is three states and 21 events and speeches into a grueling 30-city, 30-day "Truth Tour" - (90 speeches total in 13 states) - which are educating and empowering people to make the right decisions for this country this election.

This is a rigorous, if not exhausting schedule. I've been on the road for it as well, and I'm beat already. But I've seen the reception Cain is getting from eager community and faith-based leaders. I've heard the stories of success, and frustration, from this country's hard working job creators and business leaders. I've heard the intelligent and insightful questions asked by college students and campus leaders at some of our nation's best universities.

To focus on a comment about who would, could or should be leading in a non-existent presidential race is simply a distraction from what I see as a worthwhile journey.

In addition to the inspirational stories of his own journey to success, Cain talks about the upcoming "Taxmageddon", how we can get off this fiscal cliff and reach energy independence, and the importance of keeping oneself properly informed.

The bottom line is this: On November 7, Herman Cain and Bernie Marcus along with their staffs at Job Creators Solutions and HermanCain.com, can wake up and say they've done as much as they could to bring prosperity back to this country.

Can you?